Architecture & Music



1987 2 years apprenticeship as an architectural draftsperson, BMK- Ost Rathenow
1992 college: architecture, Fachhochschule Potsdam
1996 Diploma (architecture) with Prof. Karl Heinz Winkens/ Prof. Baldus


1986 8 years (classical) Rainer Raute, Rathenow
1994 2 years (classical) Uta Meyer, Potsdam
1996 1 year (singing, acting & voice) Sigrid Agoshi, London
1997 2 years (Jazz), College: City Institute for Literature, Anita Wardell,  London
1999 3 years master- course (overtone- singing) Rollin Rachele, London
2007 1 years (the free voice) Anette Goeres, Berlin


1995 1 year Jazz Dance, Balett, Tanzschule Marameo, Berlin
1996 1 year Modern Dance, Morley College, London
1997 1 year Contemporary Dance, East London 


1999 4 years intensive yoga and tai chi studies in several institutions (among others:) Sivananda Yoga Centre/ London
1999 3 years, feng shui, sound & space, sacred geometry: Christian Kyriacou, Roger Green, London
2000 2 years healing- course „Accredited Healer” College of Psychic Studies, London
2001 1 year Psychic Development; College Of Psychic Studies, London


1995 1st. prize, rock pop jazz, Germany -wide singing- competition of radio/ TV -station: NDR „Stimmttreff 95“, Hamburg
1996 1st. prize, Stoke Newington Festival, London 



1989   5 years, architectural drafts- person 
           BMK- Ost Rathenow, 
           Siemens Berlin, 
           Stadtbauamt Rathenow

1992   4 years (as an architectural student) 
           Architekten Contor Rathenow, 
           Prof. Deilmann Potsdam

1997   5 years architect 
           Carnell Green Architects, London
           Horace Architects, London

2017  3 years architect
            Michael Woeber, Architekt, Berlin



1992 1 year, band: “ Razzle Dazzle”, Havelland, PSYCHEDELIC POP

1993   2 years, band: “ Limeriks", Havelland, POP, EASY LISTENING

1995   1 year , duo: “Zwo” with Joachim Kuipers, Berlin, SOUL, JAZZ

1997   5 years, all-woman-band: “Hello Kitty”, London, JAZZ

1998   4 years, band: “Omegapoint” , London, FUNK- JAZZ

2003   1 year, band: “Africa Melody“,  Rathenow, AFRICAN

2003   10 years, band: Spell of Jazz, Havelland, JAZZ

2011    2 years, Duo: "Waldkind" , SONGWRITING

2011  5 years, Duo: Andra Barz & Jan Pribbernow, JAZZ


1995   CD Live- Recording, Radio- Concert: NDR “Stimmtreff 95” , winners gala concert, 
           Polygram, Hamburg

1998   CD Single “Come on Engand” Backing Vocals (Proposal for Football WorldCup) 
           Chameleon Records, London

           CD Single: “My little baby” Co- Vocals, 
           Chameleon Records, London

2010   CD Hörbuch „Das Weihnachtsland“ v. Heinrich Seidel, vocale sound & noise, songs, 
           Zielophon,  Magdeburg         
2011   CD "WALDKIND" Andra Barz (voc), Jan Beumelburg (piano) ,
           Timezone- records, Osnabrück     

2018   CD "FONTANE SWINGT"  Andra Barz (voc, comps., all instruments), Andi Feldmann (guit, bass)
             Timezone- records, Osnabrück 





2006- 2010     art- project
                       installation of vocal sounds and vocal noise 
                       exhibition: “Fire-Water-Earth-Air”
                       Landesgartenschau Rathenow 2006
                       Optikpark Rathenow 2007- 2010

2006- 2010     performance
                       3 times a year in Optikpark Rathenow:
                      „Singbrunnen“, (vocal sounds)
                      “Luftröhre“ (words & vocal sounds) 
                      „Feuertanz“ (dance & vocal sound)
                       with: Andra Barz / guest appearances: Sarah Stornowski, Steffan Drotleff, Katrin Fritze, Jan Beumelburg

2007              performance
                      vocal sounds and vocal noise 
                      to art pieces of Dana Bennewitz 
                      Kunsthof Bahnitz


2007              art- project                      
                      Installation of vocal sounds and vocal noise                       
                      to the photography- exhibition of Melodie Jo Ebner Joerges,                      
                     „Briefe vom Dachboden"
                      Kunsthof Bahnitz


2007              performance
                      vocal sounds and vocal noise 
                      to art pieces of Prof. Martin Seidemann, 
                      Rathenow/ Kulturzentrum


2007              performance
                      vocal sounds and vocal noise 
                      to art pieces of Dana Bennewitz,                      
                      Rathenow/ Stadtverwaltung

2008              Performance
                      vocal sounds and vocal noise 
                      to art pieces of Kristian Lillevän, Gerd  Rehse, Chrisko 
                      photography- Exhibition 

2009              Performance
                      vocal sounds as an Intermezzo to Interviews
                      Hospiztag Rathenow


2010              art- project
                      Installation of vocal, self- made bird-sounds


2011              Performance
                      vocal sounds & piano sounds
                      with Andra Barz & Jan Beumelburg, 
                      Serenade, Rathenow

2012              Performance
                      vocal sounds and vocal noise 
                      to art pieces of Jan Beumelburg, 
                      KUNSTraum, Bad Saarow





2007                Elve-Song, vocal sounds as an elve, Landesgartenschau Rathenow

2008                Elve-Song, vocal sounds as an elve, Optikpark Rathenow, to the „Serenade im Optikpark“

2009                Elve-Song, vocal sounds as an elve, am “Marmorpalais”, Neuer Garten, Potsdam

2009                Elve-Song, vocal sounds as an elve, Optikpark Rathenow, to the „Serenade im Optikpark“

2010                Elve-Song, vocal sounds as an elve ,,Schlosspark Sanssouci” , Potsdam 

2010                Elve-Song, vocal sounds as an elve, Optikpark Rathenow, zur „Serenade im Optikpark“

2014                Elve-Song, vocal sounds as an elve ,,Ribecker Sommernacht” , Ribbeck

THEATER (acting & singing))

2009 Play: „Dienstags bei Morrie“, Part: „Janine“, Event Theater Brandenburg

S I N G I N G   T U I T I O N S /   V O I C E & H E A L I N G                 

2012- 2013     TonArt.e.V., Rathenow  (private art- & music school)

2004- 2011     Kunst & Musikschule Havelland  (public art- & music school)

2005- 2006     Städtische Musikschule Brandenburg  (city music school)

2004- 2005     Musikschule Brauerei, Rathenow  (private music school)

2000                 City of Westminster College, London (occasional teaching)  (vocational college)

1999- 2000       Breslaff Centre, London (occasional teaching)  (centre for children & families)

1999- 2016    private singing tution, voice & healing sessions



S O U N D   &   S P A C E   ,   F E N G  S H U I  


architectural knowledge
classic feng shui
space clearing
pythagoraic proportions in space & music
sacred geometry
sacred (vocal) sounds 
golden section
golden section & voice
space healing with the voice (Nature space & built space)
feng shui & sound

2003               Volkshochschule Rathenow, first stage   (adult education centre)

2004               Fit- Point Premnitz, secondary stage  (wellness & training centre)

2002- 2016    Private feng shui consultancy, voice & space healing



M Ä R C H E N T A N Z  / F A I R Y T A LE – D A N C I N G   (Dance- Performances &Plays)

2010/ 11   "Gelsomino im Lande der Lügen" (Adaption: Andra Barz)

2009/ 10   "Feindschaft und Liebe" (Author: Andra Barz)

2008/ 09   "Dolpatsch" (by Heinrich Seidel, Adaption: Andra Barz)

2007/ 08   "Die Reise ins Schlaraffenland" (Author: Andra Barz)

2006/ 07    "Frau Holle" (Brothers Grimm, Adaption: Andra Barz)

2005/ 06    "Aschenputtel" (Brothers Grimm, Adaption: Andra Barz)

2004/ 05    "Rotkäppchen" (Brothers Grimm, Adaption: Andra Barz)

Unterricht und Aufführungen/ Teaching and Public Performances (in Germany):

Optikpark Rathenow, 
Musik & Kunstschule HVL, 
Grundschule Nennhausen, 
KITA Nennhausen, 
KITA Döberitz, 
KITA Waldhaus Premnitz, 
Katholische KITA Rathenow

C H I L D R E N `S M U S I C A L            

1-Jahr- Tuition & Rehearsals/ Public Performances) 

2003/ 04      "Feindschaft und Liebe" 
                     (Author, Play , Director, Production: Andra Barz)


Institution: Real- und Grundschule Nennhausen.

The play developed at several team and group projects at the Realschule Nennhausen (Junior High School in Nennhausen/ Germany) under the guidance of Andra Barz:

teamwork: BAND
teamwork: ACTING

T H E A T E R - P L A Y S /   P R O J E C T S             (with children / youngsters)



2011  Little Summer Pop Show,            
           Optikpark Rathenow            
           (Director: A. Barz)

2011  Shadow- Theater theme: "HOMELAND", 
           Begegnungsstätte Gollwitz, 
          (Director: A. Barz, J. Beumelburg)

2010  CD- Project: 
           Students of the Musik & Kunstschule HVL
           (Leitung: A. Barz)

E N G L I S C H    F O R    C H I L D R E N         " Let´s play English!" (at public KIndergardens)

2005- 06 KITA Döberitz, 
                  KITA Waldhaus- Premnitz, 
                  KITA Flax & Krümel- Premnitz, 
                  KITA Milow

E N G L I S C H   F O R  A D U L T S       (an der VHS Rathenow)

2003- 13   Courses for beginners and advanced, Conversation Courses, Business English